Best Home Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

In time, our skin begins to develop certain problems, such as dark spots or pigmentation and this usually happens because we get older. In general, pigmentation is not a serious health condition, but it still can cause be very unpleasant. For all those who have skin pigmentation, there are numerous skin lightening procedures, but unfortunately most of them are expensive and not all people can afford them. Nevertheless, in case you have such skin problems, you should know that there are some home treatments that will help you treat them, but you have to be patient and wait for the results.


Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase and it is believed to do wonders when it comes to skin lightening. In order to enjoy the benefits of the potato, you have to wash and peel it and then cut it into slices. Then, take a slice and rub it onto the pigmented skin for 5 or 10 minutes and allow the potato juice to be absorbed by the skin. After that, you just have to rinse the respective area with warm water and repeat the procedure twice a day, for approximately one month.

Almond and Milk

Usually, dryness is one of the main factors which can lead to pigmentation, so keeping your skin hydrated is very important. What is great about almonds is that they contain natural fatty acids, which are great for hydrating the skin. On the other hand, milk is known as a lightening agent, so in order to obtain a natural remedy from these two ingredients, you have to soak almonds in milk overnight and then crush them into a paste. Then, you just have to apply the mixture on the pigmented areas and leave it for for 10-15 minutes.

Skin Lightening Cream

Skin lightening creams are great for pigmentation problems, so you will be glad to find out that you can make your own cream just by mixing some simple ingredients. Therefore, you need a cup of yogurt and 5 or 6 drops of fresh orange juice. Stir the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and then apply it on the dark skin areas. Keep them for 10-15 minutes and then wash off the cream with water. In order to see some results, you have to apply the cream every day for at least one month.


Lemon is an excellent remedy for skin pigmentation, so why not using it in order to regain the health of your skin? Therefore, boil some lemon peel and lemon leaves and steep them for 5 minutes. Then, add some lemon juice, wheat germ and oats and mix them well together. Wait until the mixture gets on a normal temperature and apply it on the skin for a half hour.

Glycerin Mask

Since glycerin helps retain essential moisture it makes a great substance when it comes to a skin pigmentation treatment. So, start by beating an egg yolk and add a spoon of honey and glycerin and mix them well. Continue by applying the paste on the face and try to keep it for 2 hours until you wash it off. Repeat this procedure every week and you will see that soon enough your pigmentation will be visibly reduced.