Can Tap Water Get You Sick?

Water is crucial for our survival. Think about that your health depends on how much water you consume every single day. Besides that everybody drinks water to stay hydrated and healthy, water is also used for other purposes including to bathe, clean and more. However, you should also know that the water in your home can make you sick. Therefore, keep on reading if you want to find out more about the tap water in your home.

The chemicals make you sick

When we talk about tap water, some of us may think that the water in their homes makes them sick. Actually, the water itself doesn’t make you anything. The chemicals in the water make you sick. In the past years, several experts have developed a theory that tap water contains about 141 unregulated chemicals which can easily arrive in our bodies and lead to various health problems including cancer, diarrhea, discomfort, and pain. Instead of focusing on what type of water you will drink, you should think about installing a water filter which can provide pure water that is healthy for you to drink.

Think about chlorine and fluoride

Some people think that chlorine is a helpful additive which treats the tap water. That’s true! Chlorine is a powerful byproduct which is used to kill the contaminants from the water. However, this disinfectant is extremely toxic to our bodies. Moreover, chlorine was associated with various diseases such as cancer, asthma, allergies, dysbiosis and more. Plus, the chlorine from the tap water can damage our hair and skin when we shower. On the other hand, when it comes to fluorine, people don’t know too much about this byproduct.

In fact, fluoride is a byproduct of our tap water. It is harmful to the germs which live in your tap water and also harmful to your body. When you drink tap water, you should know that fluoride is absorbed into your body and it goes into your bones. This way, the calcium in your bones fight against this ”xenobiotic” and try to prevent it from inhibiting other systems in your body. Moreover, you should know that the fluoride from your tap water can provide bones brittle, joints arthritic and make your bones more likely to fracture.