Common Health Problems Caused by Bad Mattresses

After many restless nights in which you can’t fall asleep at normal hours because of the mattress that you lay on, several health issues will inevitably appear. A bad quality mattress is no joking matter, being mandatory to change it for a better supportive mattress that will promote a good night’s sleep and that will help you stay healthy. To better understand how important it is to change the mattress that you sleep on, read the following lines to find out which are the common health problems caused by bad mattresses.

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by many factors. But one of the leading causes of back pain is a bad quality mattress that forces you to sleep in an unnatural position. The twisting and turning throughout the night will strain your back, and you will inevitably injure yourself. To avoid having back pains, throw out your mattress and switch to a medium firm mattress that is soft but supportive enough to keep your back straight during your sleep. This way, the twisting and turning will stop, and you will wake up without feeling like your back is strained.

Joint soreness

A lot of people purchase firm mattresses because they are promoted by retailers as being the most supportive types of mattresses on the market. While it’s true that firm mattresses are the best when it comes to back support, promoting a good posture, they will contribute to joint pain because of their firmness and stiffness. The extra pressure put on your shoulders, arms, legs, and tailbone will inevitably lead to sore joints.

Weakened immune system

A weakened immune system exposes you to a number of health problems. As your immune system wears down, you will be more predisposed to catching a cold or having a fever. The main reason why the immune system goes down is because you don’t get enough sleep, and the little sleep that you get is of a poor quality. Therefore, in order to maintain an overall good health, to better your immune system, and to get a great night’s sleep, you have to switch to a supportive, quality mattress.