Health Benefits and Possible Risks of Spa Treatments

When people go to the spa, they do it because they want to relax and perhaps treat a health condition that is giving them a hard time. The health benefits of spa treatments are well known and impossible to argue but behind all the good effects, there are also some dangers that can cause or worsen a health problem. To enjoy the benefits and prevent the risks, you first need to be aware of them and know how to use a sauna or a hot tub in perfect health and safety conditions.

The health benefits

Body relaxation

The sauna is, above all, an excellent means of relaxation and the hot tub easily becomes a runner-up that can offer you the ultimate pampering. The comforting heat is great for relaxing the muscles and relieving the pressure as the tissues are heated and your body senses a soothing effect. You can enjoy a sauna session or a hot bath after a long and tiresome day and you will certainly feel more rested.

Pain relief

In case you suffer from pain in your muscles or joints, the heat experienced in a sauna or a hot tub is great for soothing and relieving the pain. Even sore muscles can be treated with the heat created in a sauna or a hot tub, especially if you try them shortly after coming from the gym. Heat therapy is widely known for alleviating pain and this is the main reason why saunas and hot tubs are included in spa treatments.

Improved blood circulation

The sauna, the hot tub, and the massage are great ways of accelerating blood circulation which improves the oxygenation of your body. The heat and the pressure on the muscles and tissues dilate the blood vessels which leads to an improved blood circulation that promotes a better functioning of the organs.

The possible risks

Disease-causing bacteria

The main concern related to hot tubs is the cleanliness of the water, an aspect that is essential in ensuring a proper spa treatment. To make sure you will not contract a germ or bacteria developed in the water, you need to keep the filtration system working properly and to thoroughly clean the hot tub interior.

Heat dangers

To prevent any unpleasantness while sitting in the sauna, make sure you follow the directions and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level that will not endanger your health. In case you suffer from a condition that forbids you to sit in high temperatures, avoid using the sauna or the hot tub. Seniors, children, and pregnant women need to ask their doctor before going to the spa.