Healthy Ways to Build Muscles without Protein Supplements

In order to build muscles, many people resort to protein supplements that accelerate the muscle-building process and maximize their workout results. Still, many fear taking protein supplements because they don’t want to suffer from side effects on the long term or once they stop taking them. If you too want to stay away from protein supplements, here are some healthy ways to build muscle mass.

Lift weights

The most effective way to build more muscles is to lift weights because this forces your body to create more muscle mass to be able to carry the weights. Dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells are few of the items you can use during your workouts when trying to turn fat into muscles or to build more muscle mass.

Alternate and combine exercises

The key to building more muscles is to force your body more and more with every workout session so it will constantly become bigger and stronger. If you keep the same workout routine, chances are you will remain at the same muscle level but, if you push your limits, you will build more muscles. Therefore, it is recommended to wear weighted clothing while you lift weights so you will force your body to handle more and more weight every day. Items like weighted vests or arm weights increase your resistance and encourage your body to build more muscle in order to handle the added weight.

Eat foods rich in proteins

Muscles are mostly made of proteins so it’s essential to have proteins at every meal so that you will not have to resort to protein supplements. The majority of the proteins can be taken from meat and are the most beneficial for building muscle mass. If you are regularly lifting weights, you will need around 200 grams of proteins per day in order to stay strong enough to handle the additional weight. Dairy is another excellent source of animal proteins that ensure the proper development of muscles.

Combine good carbs and good fats

When trying to build muscles, your last concern should be related to how many calories you consume and you need to be more aware not to consume too little calories if you want to have enough energy for your workouts. This energy comes from the fats and carbs that you eat so make sure you include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean fats that keep you healthy while aiding you in gaining more muscle mass.