How Indoor Humidity Affects Your Skin

The environment you live in affects not only your comfort level and your lifestyle but also the way you look because your appearance is influenced by various factors including the air humidity. Believe it or not, this simple detail can make a difference in how your skin looks so you need to pay more attention to indoor humidity.

The effects of low air humidity

Without a doubt, a low air humidity is a major risk for your skin because it can influence its aspect for the worse. Similar to the cold winter days when you go outside and you feel like the wind is cracking your face, sitting in a room with a low air humidity level can give you the cracked skin feeling. If the air is too dry, it will take away the essential moisture of your skin so it will start looking dry and chapped. Especially during the winter when you are most likely using a home heater, the air becomes excessively dry and it affects the aspect and health of your skin. Dry skin favors the development of wrinkles and accelerates the aging process because water is essential for a young and healthy aspect of your skin.

  • What is there to do about this, you might ask. The answer is to restore the air humidity that is so important for the aspect of your skin and the best way to do this is to use a humidifier, a device that sends water vapors to the air. The humidifier protects the natural moisture of your skin by preventing dry air from affecting it. In return, your skin maintains its natural glow and is healthier thanks to the moist air that protects its aspect.

The effects of high air humidity

On the other hand, a high air humidity is also damaging for your skin as it can promote the development of blemishes because oil levels tend to get very high. In a high air humidity, your skin will become oily and shiny and this will give it an unpleasant aspect. If people with a dry skin will be thankful for a high air humidity level, this is not the case for those with oily or combination skin types that are affected by air moisture. They can even have acne issues due to the skin oil changes that happen in a humid environment.

  • In this case, you must ensure the right air humidity level by using a dehumidifier that absorbs the excess water from the air until it reaches the desired level. If high humidity is a common problem in your house, you will benefit from using the dehumidifier in more than one ways. Rely on this device to regulate the air temperature so that your house will not be affected by mildew and your skin will also thank you for that.