Most Common Causes for Lower Back Pain

There are a lot of factors that lead to the appearance of lower back pain, this affliction being very common. When lower back pain does appear, the pain can be so intense that you might be left incapable of standing up straight or walking. Of course, there are effective methods to treat lower back pain, as you will see in the following lines. But the best thing to do is to figure out what caused the back pain to appear in the first place in order to avoid ever having it again. Therefore, if you want to learn which are the most common causes for lower back pain, continue to read this article.

A bad quality mattress

A bad quality mattress that doesn’t offer the needed support for a restful, quality night’s sleep is definitely the most common cause for lower back pain. Due to the fact that the mattress isn’t supportive enough, you will sleep in an improper position, twisting your back during the night.

To avoid ever having lower back pains caused by your bad quality mattress, throw it out and change it with the Amerisleep Liberty Bed. The Queen-sized version of this incredible mattress costs $1000. Due to the fact that it’s medium firm, it provides the necessary support for the lower back region. The innovative construction of the mattress helps relieve pressure points. The 12-inch profile features a 3-inch Bio-Pur memory foam cooling layer, a 7-inch Bio-Core foam support layer that doesn’t sag, and a 2-inch transition layer that reacts to your position to evenly support your weight. All in all, this is a wonderful mattress that will do wonders for your back.

Improper posture

An improper posture is another leading cause of lower back pain. Those who have office jobs mostly suffer from back pain caused by an improper posture due to the fact that they sit on chairs for over 8 hours every day, and they don’t pay attention to the position that they’re sitting in. Therefore, make sure that you won’t experience the excruciating back pain by paying attention to your posture and having a proper stance when you’re at work.

Back muscle strain

Another cause for lower back pain is back muscle strain. Back muscle strain appears when you twist, lift a heavy object, or do a sudden movement, the muscles stretching too much or developing microscopic tears. When lower back pain is caused by back muscle strain, the pain can be mild and unnoticeable if you’re lucky, but it can even be disabling, the injury that is produced resulting in painful muscle spasms.

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