Useful Tips for Healthy Lashes

Lashes are more important that you would ever think to the health of your eyes. They serve as a barrier against various harmful external elements, ensuring that they won’t reach your eyes and damage them. Therefore, there’s more to lashes than simply framing your eyes and boosting your appearance. If you want to grow long, strong, and healthy lashes that will effectively protect your eyes, continue to read our article and apply the tips that you find in it.

Always remove the makeup on your lashes before you go to bed

Before you go out of the house, you prepare yourself by applying makeup. Among the most commonly used makeup products stands the mascara, which you apply to your lashes to make them look longer and thicker. In order to keep your lashes healthy and strong, make sure that you always remove the mascara off of them before you go to bed. Otherwise, your eyelashes won’t be able to breathe and grow.

Grow strong lashes with the New York Biology UltraLASH lash growth serum

In order to grow strong and long lashes that don’t only look stunning, but which effectively protect your eyes as well, we recommend that you apply the New York Biology UltraLASH lash growth serum. It comes at the reasonable price of $50. The formula of this lash growth serum ensures that your eyes won’t get irritated due to using it. Also, it’s allergy-free, so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort when applying it. After about 6 weeks of applying the lash growth serum in the morning and before you go to bed, you will have an increase of approximately 75% in the length and thickness of your lashes.

Swipe your lashes with green tea

Another great treatment to go with in order to grow long, thick, and healthy lashes is to swipe them with green tea. Due to the fact that green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine, it helps maintain the growth of your lashes, and it stimulates the growth of new lashes as well. What you must do is to prepare some green tea, let it cool, dip a cotton wool in the cooled green tea, and swipe it over the lashes.

Brush the dust and dirt off of your lashes

For your lashes to be healthy, you have to keep them clean as well. Therefore, don’t forget to brush the dust and dirt off of your lashes before you go to bed. This action will promote better blood supply to the lashes, and their growth process will be accelerated. To brush the lashes, you can use a lash comb which is specially designed for the job, and which can be found at any beauty store.